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Tecbond PUR Adhesives

Tecbond PUR reactive hot melts are a new concept in adhesive bonding and have been designed to change the approach to fastening, bonding and fixing. Proven technology used by major manufacturers in Europe and the UK.

Set to revolutionise industries by giving you more flexibility and more possibilities, with the ability to bond all known manufacturing materials. Opening the door to the concept of using new lighter weight composite materials in manufacturing.

What are Reactive Hot-Melts Adhesives? They are based on a combination of Polyurethane (PUR) and hot-melt technology. The Polyurethane part reacts with moisture in the air or in the substrates being bonded, and cross-links to form a far superior adhesive. The hot-melt part provides the fast setting initially required in today’s manufacturing environment. Once totally cured, the adhesive will not re-soften with heat.

Tecbond 9010-CT and Tecbond 9040-CT PUR Adhesives –

  • The Tecbond 9010-CT / 9040-CT range of PUR adhesives can assist in doubling or tripling production capacity, they can be applied simply via a Tec 1050 applicator, they have the immediate strength of a hot melt and high performance of cross linking Polyurethane. Tecbond PUR adhesives have excellent heat and moisture resistance allowing bonds to remain secure in temperatures that vary from below -40ºC to higher than 130ºC, the bond can be fully immersed in water and the adhesive will still bonded perfectly.
  • Tecbond PUR adhesives are unique as they are supplied in 50grm CT cartridges and can be applied via a low cost conventional glue gun Tec 1050. Bringing PUR technology within everyone’s reach. Tecbond PUR adhesives will meet the ever changing demands from production techniques and substrates to meet industry demands for lighter weight materials, use of materials that traditionally have been unable to bond and to eliminate mechanical fastenings.

Product Assembly Applications

Tecbond PUR adhesives are suitable for bonding many different and challenging materials including, PU foam, Glass, UPVC, PVC Rigid and plasticised, ABS, Melamine, Polycarbonate, Polyamides, Epoxies, Polyesters and metals. Once cured, heat, water and chemical resistance are improved so automotive applications with trim and filter components are possible. Dry cleaning, machine washing and dishwasher resistant bonds can be made, increasing the opportunities of PUR technology.

Main Benefits of Tecbond PUR Reactive Hot-Melt Adhesive:

• Superior strength compared to conventional adhesives.
• Versatile: they will bond PVC, ABS, melamine, decorative laminate, metals, most plastics, foam and glass.
• Heat resistance: above 100ºC (can be above 130ºC dependant upon the adhesives used)
• Chemical Resistance: resistant to migratory oils, plasticisers, water, lacquers & solvents
• Low application temperatures: usually 130ºC (std. hot-melts are applied 195ºC)
• Cost-Effective: although traditionally viewed as expensive, the high performance and ease of use combine to make them extremely affordable
• Low cost application equipment

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