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The Gas Tec 600: A powerful portable glue gun

The Gas-Tec 600 is the successor to the Gas-Tec 100, 300 and 500 models which were made obsolete just over a year ago, and has proven itself to be a market leader in the UK and across Europe.

Powered entirely by butane gas this cordless glue gun requires no mains power or batteries, giving the user complete freedom of movement. Refilling a gas cartridge takes seconds and will keep the gun running for up to 90 minutes, or even longer for less demanding work.

More powerful than other cordless options like a battery glue gun, the Gas Tec 600. Weighs in at only 390 grms and is an unrivalled glue gun for its size.

Built to an extremely high standard, this model reaches operating temperature in just 5 minutes and delivers 1.5 kilos of molten adhesive an hour, also featuring a soft feel handle, so it’s easy and comfortable to use.

The fact the gun is portable means it’s an extremely versatile tool; it could be used for shop fitting, low voltage cable wiring, under floor heating, carpet fitters, paintless dent repair (PDR) , packaging repair, and a whole host of other applications. To find out more please contact our sales team on

Price: £55 + VAT – (includes 2 free gas refill cartridges)

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