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D4 Performance with a 1-Component Adhesive


With its fast setting characteristics, this product is mainly applied to bond solid wood for windows and window elements, doors and stairs and is used for other joints where an increased water- and heat resistance is required.

The big advantages of AQUENCE DL 1040 are as follows:

  • No mixing means no preparation failure, no handling of catalyst and time savings
  • No limited pot life means less waste
  • No viscosity increase means the product remains stable over time
  • Heat Resistance acc. to EN 14257 (WATT 91) 7.1 N/mm²

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  • Bonds where increased water resistance and heat resistance is required
  • Solid wood bonding
  • Gluing of block board cores and composed solid wood panels
  • Doors and stairs
  • Windows, window scantlings, composite window elements

Product Advantages

  • Medium viscosity
  • Fast setting
  • Gap filling
  • Gives transparent, tough-elastic glue joint
  • One-component D4 adhesive


AQUENCE DL 1040 is available in 30kg PE pails with IDH 1878165 and 1100kg IBC with IDH 1889869

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