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Do You Use Grab Adhesives and Sealants? are the UK’s largest supplier of Tec Glue Guns, Tecbond Adhesives, Glue Dots, Henkel Woodworking Adhesives and now we have a range of Grab Adhesives and Sealants!

CT1 Power Grab n Bond

Powerful adhesive for demanding internal / external gluing jobs! Power Grab n Bond is a revolutionary product in the field of heavy duty versatile bonding.

CT1 Sealant and Adhesive

The One Stop Product for all Sealing and Bonding. CT1 is a construction adhesive that will never shrink or crack and it can be structured and painted with any type of paint


Ready to use gap filling and panel adhesive based on a high bond strength synthetic rubber/resin mix.

Maximum Torque

Based on next generation hybrid/MS polymer technology is the ultimate high grab building adhesive.


Bonds to virtually all common building surfaces and is designed for both external and internal use.

Sika Maxtack® Instant Grab SF

High strength solvent free gap filling adhesive that provides a quick “grab”.

Sika Maxtack® Pro-50

Multi-purpose, high grab, gap filling adhesive for fixing most building and construction materials.

Sika Maxtack® Super Charge

Combining the best qualities of silicone and polyurethane technologies.

Sika Maxtack® Ultimate

High bond strength hybrid adhesive and sealant, suitable for almost every application imaginable.

Sika Maxtack® Ultra Clear

Completely transparent multipurpose sealant and adhesive suitable for most construction surfaces.

Sikaflex® 11 FC+

One part, gun grade dual purpose adhesive and sealing compound of permanent elasticity.

Sikaflex® EBT+

Multi-purpose one part, elastic, polyurethane adhesive, sealant and gap filler.


Specifically designed for adhering most common building surfaces to each other and themselves.

Silicone 825

Odourless silicone sealant that adheres to a wide range of surfaces without the need for priming.

General Purpose Silicone

Multi-Purpose acetoxy cure silicone sealant. Provides a permanently flexible, high strength waterproof seal.

The Range Is Growing………………..

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