Trees For Life

Help us to plant 1,000 trees during 2020 by supporting Gluegunsdirect.com
“Plant a Tree Scheme.’

Here at Kenyon Group Ltd we are very conscious about our environmental impact and climate change is quite rightly a “hot topic”, especially with the floods that have recently hit many parts of the UK. We have taken a pledge that by the end of 2020 we will have planted 1,000 trees here in the UK as a minimum, and we are looking to our valued customers, to help us achieve this. 

Planting trees is one of the easiest and most sustainable ways that the environment can be positively helped and what could be more satisfying than planting a tree and helping to fight climate change?

Check out how we’re getting on in our grove.

How can you help?

We will be planting trees based on the value of our customers’ orders. Therefore, the more you order, the more trees we can plant. An alternative option for a monetary discount is available but help us to reach our target and help our environment.

Amount Trees Discount
< £50 - -
£50 - £99.99 1 -
£100 - £249.99 2 £10
£250 - £499.99 4 £25
£500 5 £50
Thank You