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To bring robust, reliable and in-demand products to market, you need a partner with technical expertise that understands today’s challenging belting industry. You need a partner that can help you deliver the products your customers want and provide the valuable support your business needs. With more than 30 years of experience in the belting industry, we know what matters to customers. That’s why our solutions offer more than high-performance adhesives. We deliver innovation, supply assurance, technical expertise, and competitive advantage. Whether you are manufacturing conveyor or transmission belts, offer belt maintenance services or provide steel lining applications, you can rely on the performance of H.B. Fuller’s adhesive solutions.

Adhesives / Primers

Product Application Hardener (5%) Properties
Belt Manufacturing Lining of steel rollers Lining of tanks Swift®hardener 9502 Swift®hardener 9503
Side wall Bar
Helmitin® 14030 Good processability at low temperatures. Toluene and trichloroethylene free. Suitable to be used underground.
Helmitin® 14026 / Swift®col 9426 High initial and final bonding strength. Toluene free.
Helmitin® 14031 Easy to process at low temperatures. Very high initial bonding strength. Toluene free.
Swift®prime 2903 Very good adhesion to roughened steel. Good combination with above mentioned adhesives. Toluene free. Good combination with adhesives mentioned above.

Thinners / Cleaners

Product Used for Properties
Helmitin®14030 Helmitin®14026 / Swift®col 9426 Helmitin®14031
Swift®clean 9041 Contains no trichloroethylene. Suitable to be used underground.
Helmitin® 676/2 Toluene and chlorinated hydrocarbons free.

Adhesives / Primers

Product type Product 5% Hardener Properties
Helmitin® 49631 Helmitin® 500 FB Härter F1
Adhesive Helmitin® 3530/18 Good penetration due to low viscosity. Low activation temperature. Very good tack.
Adhesive Helmitin® 3113/05 High initial bonding strength.
Adhesive Helmitin® GPV High viscosity. Very high initial bonding strength. Very high heat resistance.
Primer Helmitin® 3114/05 Low viscous primer for highly absorbent materials.
Primer Helmitin® 15208 Primer for polyurethane and PVC materials.
Primer Helmitin® T/FL One-part halogenating primer for the preparation of rubber materials.

Thinners / Cleaners

Product Used for Application
Helmitin® 3530/18 Helmitin® 3113/05 Helmitin® 3114/05 Helmitin® GPV Helmitin® 15208
Helmitin® 694 Washing of pvc and polyurethane.

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