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To bring in-demand products to market, Marine panels producers need a partner with technical expertise that understands today’s challenging industry. You need a partner that can help you deliver the products your customers want and provide the valuable support your Marine business needs., We design our products for the marine panel manufacturing to meet our customers’ critical needs, such as providing a range of IMO certified products that include different technologies, lowering cost in use, adapting to the highly demanding marine industry and increasing efficiency and production output. Our expertise in the panels industry can add measurable value to your marine certified product.

Liquid Moisture Cured (LMC)

Product Name Key Properties Viscosity (mPas) at 20ºC Open Time (min) at 20ºC Pressing Time (min) at 40ºC
Swift®bond 9060 IMO certified product for marine panels manufacturing, designed for the adhesion of various plastics substrates, and the assembly of large panel parts. 5500 30 45
Icema™ R 145/31S IMO certified product for marine panels manufacturing. Medium open time adhesive, provides a high bonding strength. 7400 15 30
Icema™ R 145/75 IMO certified for marine applications. Fast product high productivity lines with short open time and short pressing time required. 5100 3 4
Icema™ R 145/12 IMO certified for marine applications. Versatile product with medium open time and good adhesion grade to most of materials, including pre-treated metals. 3500 7 10


Product Name Key Properties Viscosity (mPas) at 20ºC Open Time (min) at 20ºC Pressing Time (min) at 40ºC
Rakoll® GXL 3 IMO certified for marine applications. Very robust product for furniture manufacturing. Easy to apply and suitable for many processing conditions, provides a very strong bonding. Fulfills the requirements for D3. 13000 3 8-12

Reactive Hot Melt (HMMC)

Product Name Key Properties Open Time (min) at 20ºC Initial Tack Viscosity (mPas) at 20ºC Typical Substrates
Rapidex® NP 2075 LT Very high initial strength provides very good bonding on tensioned substrates. 3 High 45000 Leather, wooden material, bonding on tensioned substrates. metal, glass, textiles, PUR foams, numerous membrane films and plastics like PVC, ABS, PC etc.

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