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Rakoll® D2, D3 and D4 PVAc adhesives

H.B. Fuller Rakoll® D2, D3 and D4  PVAc adhesives

Window manufacturing, flat lamination, furniture production, parquet flooring, door production, doweling and solid wood bonding.

RAKOLL® EXPRESS™ DKN – Low viscosity doweling adhesive

RAKOLL® 4933 D3 PVAC ADHESIVE – Formaldehyde free D3 PVAc adhesive

RAKOLL® ECO 3 D3 PVAC – D3 PVAc for flat lamination, door production and assembly

RAKOLL® ECO 4 D4 PVAC – One-component D4 PVAc adhesive

RAKOLL® EXPRESS 25 D – High quality D2 PVAc adhesive

RAKOLL® EXPRESS TO 50 – Fast setting D2 PVAc adhesive

RAKOLL® GXL 4 – High quality one component D4 PVAc adhesive

RAKOLL® GXL 4 PLUS – Extended open time one component D4

RAKOLL® GXL-3 – D3 PVAc with IMO Certification

RAKOLL®EXPRESS LK 50 – Higher viscosity doweling adhesive

SWIFT®TAK 4002 – D3 PVAc for assembly and surface lamination


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Sole UK distributor for H.B. Fuller – Rakoll® adhesives for filters, woodworking, furniture, caravan, insulation, mattress, window and door manufacturers.



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