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Glue Stick Applications

We are the adhesive experts!

Automotive see an adhesive problems, as a challenge and an opportunity to extend the bounds of today’s adhesive technology.

Our range of products serve and ever expanding range of automotive applications with a vast array of adhesives – PUR Adhesives, Polyamide, Polyofin Adhesives.



  • Foam bonding
  • Sounds deadening
  • Interior component bonding
  • Lamp bonding
  • Carpet & Upholstery bonding

Supplying directly to automotive manufacturers and to sub automotive and component manufacturers.

  • High temperature adhesives
  • Environmentally friendly adhesives
  • Structural bonding
  • Automotive approved products


Tecbond 9010-CT and Tecbond 9040-CT PUR hot melt adhesives are designed to replace welding, riveting, soldering and mechanical fixing, with exceptional adhesion to difficult substrates, including, ABS, Polycarbonate, PP, PVC, PET, GRP, Foam, Fabrics, Aluminium and many other difficult substrates, providing answers to adhesive problems with an environmentally friendly approach, proven to meet the ever-changing and challenging materials used in today’s manufacturing processes. Tecbond CT cartridge adhesives are applied using a Tec 1050 glue gun.

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