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Rakoll® 5010 is an outstanding low emission reactive hot melt for flat lamination

Rakoll® 5010 Low emission PUR for flat lamination

H.B. Fuller wants to go a step further in sustainability, by offering customers the assurance of reliable adhesives that also contribute to lowering hazardous emissions. Polyurethane based Reactive Hot Melt Adhesive for Flat Lamination Rakoll 5010 was developed to fulfil the requirements and demand of the market for non-labelling obligation high performance reactive hot melt adhesive with low monomer content (<0.1%).


  • Flat lamination of decorative papers, foils and veneer
  • Flat lamination of HPL and CPL


  • Furniture components
  • Flooring


  • Low monomer: contains less than 0.1% monomer isocyanate and therefore is free from hazardous labelling, providing environmental benefits to the work place
  • Safety and compliance: Rakoll 5010 provides safe and non-hazardous conditions at workplaces
  • Easy processability: The combination of open time and initial strength enables an easy and robust lamination process. In addition, its stability on the application roller provides homogeneous coat weight during processing
  • High initial strength: The initial strength makes the product suitable for rigid materials
  • Versatility: shows excellent adhesion to typical wood substrates and decorative materials


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