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Spotlight on RAKOLL® 5728

RAKOLL® 5728 is a polyolefin based hot melt adhesive for edge banding applications with typical wood substrates with ABS, PVC, melamine and veneer edges.

Rakoll® 5728 for edgebanding applications has better hydrolysis and heat resistance than EVA based adhesives. It is easier to apply than HMMC (PUR) adhesives and also lowers the formation of strings at the application unit, whilst providing better stability in the melting equipment, in comparison with standard EVA based adhesives.

Furniture accessories. Multicolored bobbins of PVC edge and melanin for the manufacture of furniture. Lie pyramid. Selective focus.

RAKOLL® 5728 is a polyolefin based hot melt adhesive replacing HMMC (PUR) granules on certain edgebanding applications

  • Clean application Rakoll® 5728 can be used with nozzle or roller application systems and its low stringing properties enable clean and efficient processing. Reduced maintenance
  • The thermal stability of Rakoll® 5728 in the melting equipment reduces maintenance down times and associated costs that could be caused by char building in the melting equipment.
  • High initial strength Rakoll® 5728 is suitable for high tensioned substrates and can therefore help to reduce waste caused by delamination at the end of the production process.
  • Hydrolysis and temperature resistance Rakoll® 5728 polyolefin based formulation provides better heat and hydrolysis resistance than conventional EVA based edgebanding adhesives.
  • Suitable for pneumatic feeding systems
  • Compared to standard EVA products, Rakoll® 5728 has no residual tack when stored at room temperature, avoiding the formation of clusters and therefore making it suitable for pneumatic feeding systems.


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