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GARDEX Hot Melt Release Agent

GARDEX Hot Melt Release Agent

Safer: NSF Approved: Nonfood compounds program listed (H1) 148386

Application: Cleaner

Cleaners: Hot Melt Cleaners


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GARDEX hot melt release agent is a unique formulation developed to prevent any unwanted build-up of hot melt. Only a fine coating of Gardex is required making it very economical. Easy to apply and temperature stable up to 220°C. GARDEX hot melt release agent is a unique formulation developed to benefit any industry that uses hot melt adhesive. The unwanted build-up of hot melt is a common problem leading to machine downtime and therefore loss of production. Temperature stable up to 220 °C and NSF Approved: Nonfood Compounds Program Listed (H1) 148386

GARDEX can be used to coat the inside of all hot melt glue pots on edge banders and all melt tanks within a hot melt glue system, also use to protect daubers, drive chains, drive shafts, screw threads, temperature probes, universal joints etc.

Use on all areas around glue systems including pots, nozzles, modules, hoses, chains, drainage points etc.

Only a fine coating of GARDEX is required to treat areas. Treated glue pots stay protected for up to six months. A little goes a long way !!!

How to Use

Apply a thin coat of Gardex  to surfaces (with a clean cloth or sponge) which have previously been cleaned with the appropriate cleaner.

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