CT1 Multisolve

Universal, fast and safe cleaner / degreaser for industry and building

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CT1 multisolve

CT1 MultiSolve removes adhesives, sealants, oil, grease, silicone, chewing gum and much much more...

MultiSolve is a complete new multi-purpose solvent; for the safe removal of adhesives and sealants. Just spray C-TEC MULTISOLVE onto the desired surface then within seconds it gets to work leaving the surface ready for treatment.

  • Available in handy 200ml and 500ml aerosol.
  • Ideal as preliminary treatment for paints or adhesives.
  • The safest and cheapest solution for your paintwork.
  • Removes adhesives, sealants, oil, grease, silicon, wax, tar, paraffin, printing ink etc.
  • Leaves no oil film.
  • Fast, thorough and safe degreasing and cleaning.
  • Can be used on painted surfaces, vinyl, glass,rubber and plastics.
  • Fast drying.
  • Very economical.
  • Recommended to be used with all C-TEC adhesives and sealants

Degreasing and cleaning mechanical parts, motor, brakes, suspension. Cleaning tools and workshop equipment – attacks no plastics.

Removal of stickers or masking tape adhesive residues. Removal of previous grease layers before relubricating, e.g. door hinges. CT1 Multisolve does not corrode the paint. Removal of trims and bumper strips without damaging. Multisolve dissolves the adhesive layer of double sided adhesive tape. Removal of tar and other coating stains. Finishing of joints sealed with CT1. Cleaning of paint and undercoat before spraypainting (Multisolve removes wax and silicone, always use a 2-cloth system). Degreasing and cleaning of all surfaces before using C-Tec adhesives and sealants.

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