GAS-TEC 600 Cordless, Gas Glue Gun Kit

  • Glue Required: 12mm Glue Sticks
  • UK Warranty: UK 12 months warranty when used with Tecbond glue sticks
  • Gas Supply: Use good quality clean butane gas
  • Voltage: Butane Gas Powered
  • Hotmelt Gun: 195°C
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12 Month Warranty

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Only use good quality butane gas

The GAS-TEC 600 is a robust compact portable cordless gas glue gun that runs on butane gas. It does not require mains electricity or batteries but operates using easily refillable LEC™ (Liquid Energy Cells) power technology. 

The GAS-TEC 600 has been built to a very high standard and incorporates a soft-feel handle and full-hand trigger making it a very comfortable gun to use. 

- Refill the LEC™ gas cartridge using standard cigarette lighter canisters. (Only use good quality butane gas, look for  the following phrases indicating that the gas has been highly filtered - Super Clean, Extra Refined, Contains no contaminants, Zero Impurities)

- If you have been using basic butane gas, switching to a premium version will often disperse and clean out residual contaminants within the tool and improve the ignation system

- Refills in just 15 seconds which keeps the GAS-TEC 600 running for approximately 90 minutes. Make sure you have inserted the gas refill correctly !

- Easy to start up, simply push up the gas-dial and turn completely to the right and press the piezo ignition button. 

- Reaches operating temperature in just 5 minutes with an output of up to 1.5 kg/hr depending on the glue formulation. 

- Thermostatically controlled to give the optimum temperature to achieve the best glue delivery. 

- Designed to use standard 12mm Tec-bond high performance, hot melt glue sticks.

The GAS-TEC 600 can be used for a huge range of applications from theatre prop making, shop fitting, exhibition displays, flooring and carpet laying, ceramic tile displays, low voltage wiring, to paintless dent removal (PDR) and many more applications. 

Kit comprises of the following:

1x GT 600 glue gun, 2x Gas refills, Plastic carrying case, plus choice of 10x glue sticks:

Please select one 10x stick pack from the following options:

Car dent removal, PDR glue sticks

10x         PDR Light Blue

10x         PDR Black

10x         PDR Tecbond 246 Black (Extra strong)

10x         PDR Red

10x         PDR Yellow

Glue sticks for theatre prop making, shop fitting, exhibition work, flooring & carpet fitting, ceramic tile display boards, low voltage wiring, and many more applications

10x         Tecbond 132-12-300 Clear General Purpose

10x         Tecbond 261-12-300 Strong flexible plastic/metal bonding

10x         Tecbond 342-12-300 White high strength for wiring tacking

10x         Tecbond 135-12-300 Gripper rods, ceramic tiles to display boards


How to get the best performance from your Gas-Tec 600 glue gun - Click Here

Please do not leave the Gas-Tec 600 overnight in vehicles. Overnight condensation may cause the ignition to fail to ignite.

Only use good quality butane gas

Using non Tecbond glue sticks in this glue gun may cause dripping! Further details click here

Details of the Tec applicator warranty - Click Here 

Want to try a Tecbond glue stick, call 0161 627 1001 or email: and request a sample. View our range of 12mm glue sticks or try our Glue Selector


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  • UK Warranty: UK 12 months warranty when used with Tecbond glue sticks
  • Gas Supply: Use good quality clean butane gas
  • Voltage: Butane Gas Powered
  • Hotmelt Gun: 195°C
  • Melt Rate: 1.5kg/hr
  • Wattage: 185 Watt
  • Heater: Catalytic
  • Temp Control: Thermostatic gas value
  • Power Cable: Cordless
  • Weight: 390g

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