General Degreasing Wipes (tub of 100 wipes)

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  • Quantity: Maximum 2 tubs per order
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CERNATA® Degreasing wipes are a high performance multi degreaser that will remove heavy oils, greases, carbon and other engineering contaminants from surfaces, equipment and hands. Saturated with a high specification, safe chemical, ideally suited to remove grease. Impregnated wet wipes offer the control of a measured amount of chemical pre-mixed on to an industry approved non woven material ready for use providing the user a consistent quality product. Ideal for OEM Manufacturers, maintenance operations , field and service engineers, workshop and kitchens. Guaranteed Lint Free. Also known as degreaser wipes or degreasing wet wipes.

Sheet size 28x28cm - 100 wipes per tub

** Maximum 2 tubs per order **

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  • Quantity: Maximum 2 tubs per order

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