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LEC™ Blue Refills 3 pack (Gas-Tec)

LEC™ Blue Refills 3 pack (Gas-Tec)

Pack Size: 3 cartridge pack

Suitable for: Gas-Tec 600 glue guns

Type / Model: 12v / Gas


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Replacement or spare BLUE gas refill cartridges for the Gas-Tec 600 glue gun

These are the Tec Lec gas refill cartridges that require filling with standard cigarette lighter butane gas. This should take no more than 15 seconds

Once filled, insert one cartridge into the handle of the glue gun. This cartridge of gas will keep your Gas-Tec 600 running for approx. 90 minutes. When empty simply refill with butane gas and insert back in tool. These cartridges are reusable, please do not throw the cartridges away!

You may have an older model Gas-Tec 600 which has GREEN gas cartridges, these cartridges will not work in the new updated Gas-Tec 600 which are supplied with BLUE cartridges. The BLUE cartridge will work in all Gas-Tec 600 models.

The updated Gas-Tec 600 supplied with BLUE cartridges has the gas valve fitted to the cartridge whereby the Gas-Tec’s supplied with GREEN cartridges has the gas valve fitted to the gun.

Still unsure, Gas-Tec 600’s supplied with BLUE cartridges will ONLY work with BLUE cartridges!



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