Tec Gas Glue Guns

Replacement or spare BLUE gas refill cartridges for the Gas-Tec 600 glue gun These are the Tec Le..
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Robust compact portable cordless gas glue gun that runs on butane gas
Only use good quality butane gas The GAS-TEC 600 is a robust compact portable cordless gas g..
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Our Gas-Tec glue guns are powered by LEC cartridges filled with butane gas. These can be refilled using standard cigarette lighter canisters and provide around 1.5 hours of use. 30 years worth of experience means the highest build quality in these lightweight, handheld Gas-Tec glue guns which can apply hot melt non-toxic glue to a variety of surfaces. 

Why use a gas powered glue gun?
Unlike mains-powered glue guns, gas powered glue guns are not limited by the length of a power cord and proximity to an electrical supply. This makes them highly portable and useful for sites with poor accessibility. Whilst this flexibility can also be achieved with a battery powered glue gun, a single cartridge of butane gas typically lasts three times as long as a fully charged battery (90 minutes of use in a gas glue gun, versus 30 minutes of use in a battery powered gun). Furthermore, gas glue gun cartridges can be refilled immediately, whilst batteries take longer to recharge.