Groovtec Drywall Adhesives

Speed of assembly: the fast application of the adhesive means that bonding the ‘v’ groove is quicker, and productivity is higher
Groovtec 523 Economic ‘V’ groove adhesive for plasterboard and drywall fabrication, provides a good ..
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Sets instantly: when the plasterboard is folded, there’s no clamping or drying time required
Groovtec 550 ‘V’ groove adhesive has been formulated to provide higher glue gun output and a longer ..
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Speed of application: the adhesive is quickly and accurately applied using an industrial glue gun
Groovtec 561 is the highest performance ‘V’ Groove adhesive, it creates tougher more shock resistant..
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Strong bonds: tough bonds that are stronger than the plasterboard itself - Fire retardant adhesive
Groovtec 563FR ‘has been formulated as a fire retardant adhesive for use in V grooving in plasterboa..
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High performance hot melt adhesives for bonding ‘v’ grooves in plasterboard Groovtec adhesives are the fastest and easiest way to assemble v-grooved profiles in plasterboard for drywall installations. Suitable for use both on site and in pre-fab workshops, the Groovtec hot melt adhesive is applied into the base of the ‘v’ groove and sets instantly when the plasterboard is folded. No clamps or drying time are required. The adhesive sets to produce a bond that is stronger than the plasterboard itself and easily withstands transport, handling and installation.

This system has a long enough open time to allow operators to apply adhesive down the length of the ‘v’ groove without it losing tack before the bond is made. The formulations offered have a low enough viscosity to penetrate the board, creating a deep bond, and are tough enough to withstand handling during transport and installation.

Groovtec adhesives are formulated for bonding ‘v’ grooves in plasterboard to create different prefabricated shapes and forms prior to installation.

Surfaces should be as dust free as possible in order to maximise bond strength. The adhesive creates a strong, durable bond almost instantly, reducing the need for any costly and time consuming skimming and wet finishing work.

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