Ipatherm™cleaner 9030

Ipatherm™cleaner 9030

PUR hot melt cleaner granules

  • Product Type: Cleaner for moisture reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesives
  • IDH: 7019013433
  • Colour: Blue
  • Pack Size: 15 kilo
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Developed for cleaning equipment used for processing and applying moisture curing Polyurethane (PUR) hot melt adhesives

Product Benefits 

-  granules format

-  blue colour which supports user to see difference between the cleaner and PUR-hot melt adhesive

-  neutralises residual free isocyanate inside equipment to avoid cross-linking process of PUR-hot melt adhesive

Application Instructions Recommended processing temperatures:
-  Melting plate / Tank: approx. 140°C
-  Hose: approx. 140°C

This agent must be applied before the cross-linking process take place. Pump the rest of the PUR-hot melt out of the equipment. Depending on the size of the equipment, melt 5 to 10kg. Pump and purge it through the equipment until the PUR-hot melt adhesive has been removed completely. The cleaning process is completed when there is only blue hot melt flowing from the application system. If the equipment is not going to be used on the same day, the cleaning agent is left in the equipment and switched off. When the equipment is to be used again, the cleaning agent in the equipment is melted and pumped out. Molten PUR-hot melt is purged through the equipment until there is no longer blue hot melt flowing out of the system. Take care to remove the complete cleaning agent from of the system
as a mixture of cleaning agent and PUR-hot melt can cause poor bonding.

Cleaning Instructions Cured PUR-hot melt can only be removed by mechanical means

Safety Advice

Please refer to the TDS / MSDS for further advice prior to use


Product Type Cleaner for moisture reactive polyurethane hot-melt adhesives
IDH 7019013433
Colour Blue
Pack Size 15 kilo


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