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Loctite 435 Clear Toughened Instant Adhesive

Loctite 435 Clear Toughened Instant Adhesive

LOCTITE® 435™ is a rubber toughened adhesive with increased flexibility and peel strength along with enhanced resistance to shock.

Technology: Cyanoacrylate

Application: Bonding

IDH: 871787 – 20g

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Transparent, colourless, toughened humidity-cured ethyl-based instant adhesive. Well suited to plastics, rubbers, metals and porous/acidic surfaces.

LOCTITE® 435 is a colourless, toughened, ethyl-based instant adhesive. It has a fixture time of 10 – 20 secs. It has high resistance to impact and shock loads, high peel strength and is suitable for bonding plastics, rubber, metals, porous and absorbent substrates and acidic surfaces. Good resistance in humid environments.

  • Cures very quickly when confined between two surfaces
  • Ideal for bonding small to medium-size parts
  • Well suited to metals, rubbers and plastics
  • Excellent adhesion to most substrates
  • Fixture time of 10 – 20 secs.
  • Well suited to porous and/or acidic surfaces
  • Solvent-free
  • Toughened, clear

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