Rakoll® Supermelt Professional

Rakoll® Supermelt Professional

Edges of veneer and solid wood, melamine, HPL and thick plastic edges (PVC, ABS, PP), etc. to chipboard or MDF

  • Softening Point: 110c (R&B - ASTM E 28)
  • Technology: EVA Hot Melt Adhesive
  • Product Type: 10% Filled - reduces stringing slower speeds
  • Application: Edge Banding
  • Appearence: Granules - 25 kilo bags
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Suitable for most types of edge materials which have been tested and approved by the substrate manufacturers for use with hot melt adhesive procedures. Especially suited for edgebanding with veneer and solid wood edges. Also suitable for softforming application and processing centre.

Edges of veneer and solid wood, melamine, HPL and thick plastic edges (PVC, ABS, PP ...), etc. to chipboard or MDF.

-  medium open time
-  high green strength
-  good adhesion properties and high tack
-  high heat resistance

Application Instructions: The machine should be adjusted according to the recommendations of the machine manufacturers. Substrates should perfectly clean and free of dust and grease. Recommended working conditions:

-  Ambient and substrate temperature: 18 – 20°C
-  Wood moisture content: 8 – 10%
-  Application temperature of the adhesive: 170 – 200°C
-  Feeding speed: at least 15 m/min

Edges strips can have very different adhesion properties, even if the base material is the same. For this reason, it is advisable to make trials if the edges are of an unknown type in order to test the suitability of the adhesive. The recommendations given by the edge strip manufacturers should be followed. During long stops, the adhesive temperature should be lowered to a temperature of 160°C to avoid degradation of the characteristics.

Safety Advice: At the recommended working temperature, the hot melt will cause burns in contact with skin. Do not inhale fumes that are released at the working temperature. In any case, a suitable exhausting system shall be installed in the working area.

Please refer to the MSDS for additional safety advices.


Softening Point 110c (R&B - ASTM E 28)
Technology EVA Hot Melt Adhesive
Product Type 10% Filled - reduces stringing slower speeds
Application Edge Banding
Appearence Granules - 25 kilo bags
IDH 7015110353


Technical Sheet
Material Safety Datasheet


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