Exceptional heat resistance of 105ºC and cold resistance down to -30ºC

  • Heat Resistance (BS5340): 105ºC
  • Physical Form: Small pillows
  • Suggested Appplication Temperature: 180-190ºC
  • Adhesive Type: High performance (Similar TECBOND 267)
  • Colour: White
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TECBOND 272-PL is a high performance adhesive for product assembly applications for use on various plastics, foams, fabrics, and non-woven materials. It is also suitable for some polyofin plastics such as polypropylene.

TECBOND 272-PL has an exceptional heat resistance of 105ºC and cold resistance down to -30ºC depending on the substrates being bonded.

The best results on polypropylene including best low temperature resistance are achieved when the adhesive is applied and the bond is made at the highest possible temperature. We would recommend 200ºC.

Methods of application

Tecbond adhesives supplied in Pillows and Eco-Blocks aimed at product assembly for use in bulk dispensing equipment such as Nordson DuraBlue systems for demanding or continuous gluing applications or the Tec 4500 Pneumatic glue guns for rework, testing or R&D development

Suggested application temperature

Suggested application temperature is 180-190ºC depending on substrates to be bonded. To prevent adhesive degradation the tank temperature should be reduced to 150-160ºC during idle and standby periods.

We can also offer most of our standard Tecbond glue sticks in a bulk format !


Heat Resistance (BS5340) 105ºC
Physical Form Small pillows
Suggested Appplication Temperature 180-190ºC
Adhesive Type High performance (Similar TECBOND 267)
Colour White
Molten Tack High
Open Time Long
Pack Size 15 kg carton


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