Very tough, pressure sensitive adhesive

  • Heat Resistance (BS5340): 85ºC
  • Physical Form: Small pillows
  • Suggested Appplication Temperature: 140-180ºC
  • Adhesive Type: Very tough pressure sensitive
  • Colour: Brown
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TECBOND 902-PL is a brown, very tough, pressure sensitive adhesive exhibiting very high levels of tack and adhesion. The low viscosity is particularly suitable for application via spray. Good heat resistance, suitable for point of sale applications using X Y plotters. Protective case manufacture, crash helmet and body armour, Envelope sealing like Jiffy bags, generally more demanding pressure sensitive applications as has a very high level of shear strength and toughness.

Methods of application

Tecbond adhesives supplied in Pillows and Eco-Blocks aimed at product assembly for use in bulk dispensing equipment such as Nordson DuraBlue systems for demanding or continuous gluing applications or the Tec 4500 Pneumatic glue guns for rework, testing or R&D development

Suggested application temperature

Suggested application temperature is 140-180ºC depending on substrates to be bonded.

We can also offer most of our standard Tecbond glue sticks in a bulk format !


Heat Resistance (BS5340) 85ºC
Physical Form Small pillows
Suggested Appplication Temperature 140-180ºC
Adhesive Type Very tough pressure sensitive
Colour Brown
Molten Tack Medium
Open Time Permanent
Pack Size 15 kg carton


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