Tec 305 12mm Craft Hot Melt Glue Gun Kit

Probably the best crafting glue gun available

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Tec 305-12 offers unrivalled reliability, probably the best craft glue gun available. Ease of use and exceptional adhesive melt rate for a glue gun of its size and is fitted with Eco efficient self-regulating heaters which deliver 750grms of molten adhesive per hour. 

Probably the best craft glue gun available !

Our biggest kit ever now contains:

1x Tec 305-12 Hot melt Glue Gun

20x Clear 300mm x 12mm Glue Sticks GGD 157

20x OEM 63 Long open time general purpose 15-30 secs

24x Coloured Multi-Temperature glue sticks, 2 of each colour: Brown, Dark Green, Light Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Gold, Silver, Red, Yellow, Black, White & Orange

25x Glitter Multi-Temperature glue sticks, 5 of each colour: Glitter Red, Glitter Green, Glitter Silver, Glitter Gold and Glitter Blue

20x GGD 156 High Performance Clear

20x Tecbond 239-12-300 Very Clear Glue Sticks

20x GGD 126 Flexible, tough versatile bonding

1x   Tec silicone drip mat

1x   Black Plastic Carrying Case*

* The carrying case is designed for the glue gun and a selection of glue sticks. Some items within this kit are supplied out of the case.

Keep on GLUING with a Tec Glue Gun

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  • UK Warranty: UK 12 months warranty when used with Tecbond glue sticks
  • Voltage: 100-240v - Self-Regulating
  • Melt Rate: 750G/HR
  • Wattage: 120w
  • Heater: PTC
  • Temp Control: Self-Regulating Heater
  • Power Cable: 1.8m
  • Weight: 230g

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