43mm Glue Slugs

TECBOND 134 / 43mm Glue Slugs
Fast Setting Carton & Board Gluing
Tecbond 134 is an economical very fast setting adhesive formulated for packaging, carton closin..
5.0/5.0 Based on 3 reviews.
(inc. VAT £63.60)
TECBOND 135 / 43mm Glue Slugs
Economical long open time multipurpose adhesive
TECBOND 135 43mm glue sticks have an economical long open time hot melt with a  medium vi..
5.0/5.0 Based on 3 reviews.
(inc. VAT £99.82)
TECBOND 14 / 43mm Glue Slugs
Very fast setting, high performance 43mm adhesive for packaging
Tecbond 14 is a high output packaging adhesive, suitable for use on most paper and board substrate..
(inc. VAT £169.10)
TECBOND 1942 / 43mm Glue Slugs
43mm adhesive with aggressive adhesion for problem solving, plastics, wood, nylon & ABS
Tecbond 1942 is a medium setting, very aggressive hotmelt adhesive, which exhibits excellent adhes..
(inc. VAT £189.29)
TECBOND 1X / 43mm Glue Slugs
Low viscosity, medium open time 43mm adhesive for packaging
Tecbond 1X is a low viscosity, medium setting adhesive for use on paper, board, wood and many ot..
(inc. VAT £177.79)
TECBOND 213 / 43mm Economical Glue Slugs
General purpose, long open time 43mm adhesive
Tecbond 213 is an economical general purpose adhesive suitable for use on wood, ceramics and som..
5.0/5.0 Based on 4 reviews.
(inc. VAT £116.41)
TECBOND 214 / 43mm Glue Slugs
Very fast setting 43mm adhesive, for use with packaging, paper, & board
Tecbond 214 is an economical very fast setting adhesive formulated for packaging, carton closing, ..
5.0/5.0 Based on 1 reviews.
(inc. VAT £116.41)
TECBOND 23 / 43mm Glue Slugs
High and low temperature resistant, very high strength for product assembly
Tecbond 23 is a product assembly grade with excellent bonding properties and a high level of adh..
(inc. VAT £199.14)
TECBOND 232 / 43mm Clear Glue Slugs
High performance, clear 43mm adhesive for general purpose
Tecbond 232 is an economical clear general purpose adhesive with good adhesion to many surface..
(inc. VAT £111.61)
TECBOND 240 / 43mm Clear Glue Slugs
Clear high performance product assembly adhesive
Tecbond 240 is a clear high performance, product assembly adhesive, which has excellent adhe..
(inc. VAT £177.73)

Our 43mm glue slugs are non-toxic and easy to use which dispensed in a compatible glue gun and applied molten. When hot melt glue is applied to a surface it can create an instant bond which sets almost immediately. Tecbond 43mm glue guns are available in both hot melt and low melt formulations which are suitable for most application. Polyamide formulas are available for increase temperature and chemical resistance. Why you should only use Tecbond 43mm slugs in Tec 43mm glue guns