Tecbond 43mm Glue Slugs

Speed of assembly: the fast application of the adhesive means that bonding the ‘v’ groove is quicker, and productivity is higher
Groovtec 523 Economic ‘V’ groove adhesive for plasterboard and drywall fabrication, provides a good ..
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Sets instantly: when the plasterboard is folded, there’s no clamping or drying time required
Groovtec 550 ‘V’ groove adhesive has been formulated to provide higher glue gun output and a longer ..
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Speed of application: the adhesive is quickly and accurately applied using an industrial glue gun
Groovtec 561 is the highest performance ‘V’ Groove adhesive, it creates tougher more shock resistant..
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(inc. VAT £158.29)
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Strong bonds: tough bonds that are stronger than the plasterboard itself - Fire retardant adhesive
Groovtec 563FR ‘has been formulated as a fire retardant adhesive for use in V grooving in plasterboa..
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Tan Fast Setting glue stick for paper, card & board, carton sealing. Can also be used as a Low Melt for heat sensitive materials
Tecbond 134 very fast setting adhesive designed for packaging application, carton sealing, ..
5.0/5.0 Based on 5 reviews.
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Economical long open time multipurpose adhesive
TECBOND 135  glue slugs are an economical long open time hot melt with a medium visco..
5.0/5.0 Based on 7 reviews.
Made In Britain
(inc. VAT £167.66)
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Very fast setting, high performance 43mm adhesive for packaging
Tecbond 14 glue slugs are a high output packaging adhesive, suitable for use on most paper an..
Made In Britain
(inc. VAT £211.55)
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43mm adhesive with aggressive adhesion for problem solving, plastics, wood, nylon & ABS
Tecbond 1942 is a medium setting, very aggressive hot melt adhesive, which exhibits excellent adhesi..
Made In Britain
(inc. VAT £275.26)
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Low viscosity, medium open time 43mm adhesive for packaging
Tecbond 1X is a low viscosity, medium setting adhesive for use on paper, board, wood and many other ..
Made In Britain
(inc. VAT £284.42)
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General purpose, long open time 43mm adhesive
Tecbond 213 is an economical general purpose adhesive suitable for use on wood, ceramics and some pl..
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What can we GLUE for you?

We are probably the UK’s if not Europe’s leading supplier of Tecbond shaped hot melt adhesive. Offering the largest range of performance adhesives and hand-held applicators

40+ years’ experience, offering specialist knowledge on all aspects of commercial gluing operations – try our Glue Selector

Advanced technology at the UK manufacturing facility and a continuous programme of research and development ensures that we continue to meet the ever changing and challenging needs of industry

Tecbond adhesives are often formulated using raw materials harvested from sustainable managed forests. Our packaging is recyclable, and where possible made from recycled materials

Over 90% of the Tecbond adhesives and Tec glue guns are made in the UK, and we offer 12 months warranty as standard on all our Tec glue gun range 12mm, 15mm, 43mm and spray tools

 "How do Hot Melt Adhesives work?


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