Art & Craft Glue Guns

Probably the best arts & craft glue gun available
It is ideally suited to applications where small quantities of adhesive are required repetitively in..
5.0/5.0 Based on 202 reviews.
12 Month Warranty
(inc. VAT £22.68)
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Low cost medium size industrial / trade 12mm glue gun
This tool is fitted with the standard MDJ016 nozzle, valve type: Oiler which may cause the glue to d..
5.0/5.0 Based on 12 reviews.
12 month warranty
(inc. VAT £47.88)
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Reliable & Powerful Industrial 12mm Glue Gun
The Tec 810-12 is a heavy-duty, industrially-rated 12mm glue gun that has very high glue o..
5.0/5.0 Based on 42 reviews.
12 Month Warranty
(inc. VAT £87.13)
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Keep clean and protect your work surface
The TEC MAT silicone rubber drip mat can be used underneath a gun to help keep clean and protect the..
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Need a glue gun for arts & crafts? We have the glue gun you're looking for, our glue guns are perfect for Arts & Crafts as these can use colour or glitter glue sticks for adding that extra sparkle! Our low melt glue guns are perfect for schools and reduce the risk of burns. 

Can these glue guns be used by children?

Yes, our range of arts and craft glue guns, like the Tec 305, are lightweight so children can use the tools with ease. However, we advise that children must be supervised by an adult.

What can these glue guns be used to make?

Our range of arts and craft glue guns can be used in a wide variety of projects: everything from making birthday cards to creating professional artwork. We're always interested in what our customers use our products for, so if you've produced a particularly interesting piece of art, or crafted something special, then feel free to send us a picture!