Tecbond 12mm Glue Sticks

Economical clear general purpose adhesive with good adhesion to many surfaces
All round general purpose clear hot melt adhesive used within a vast array of applications from arts..
5.0/5.0 Based on 95 reviews.
(inc. VAT £12.12)
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Tan Fast Setting glue stick for paper, card & board, carton sealing. Can also be used as a Low Melt for heat sensitive materials
Tecbond 134 very fast setting adhesive designed for packaging application, carton sealing, ..
5.0/5.0 Based on 19 reviews.
(inc. VAT £42.83)
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Economical long open time multipurpose adhesive
TECBOND 135 12mm glue sticks are an economical long open time hot melt with a medium ..
5.0/5.0 Based on 8 reviews.
(inc. VAT £67.21)
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Very fast setting, high performance 12mm adhesive for packaging.
Tecbond 14 12mm Glue Sticks are a high output packaging adhesive, suitable for use on most pape..
(inc. VAT £24.58)
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12mm adhesive with aggressive adhesion for problem solving, plastics, wood, nylon & ABS
Tecbond 1942 is a medium setting, very aggressive hotmelt adhesive, which exhibits excellent adhesio..
5.0/5.0 Based on 4 reviews.
(inc. VAT £27.48)
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General purpose, long open time 12mm adhesive
Tecbond 213 is an economical general purpose adhesive suitable for use on wood, ceramics and some pl..
5.0/5.0 Based on 12 reviews.
(inc. VAT £17.32)
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Very fast setting, economical 12mm adhesive for packaging, paper, & board
Tecbond 214 is an economical very setting adhesive formulated for packaging, carton closing, tray er..
5.0/5.0 Based on 3 reviews.
(inc. VAT £17.32)
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High and low temperature resistant, very high strength for product assembly
Tecbond 23 is a product assembly grade with excellent bonding properties and a high level of adhesiv..
5.0/5.0 Based on 2 reviews.
(inc. VAT £28.44)
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High performance, clear 12mm adhesive for general purpose
Tecbond 232 is an economical clear general purpose adhesive with good adhesion to many surface. It h..
5.0/5.0 Based on 7 reviews.
(inc. VAT £16.66)
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Probably the clearest glue stick available.
Tecbond 239 is an exceptionally clear general purpose glue stick for arts & crafts to schoo..
5.0/5.0 Based on 4 reviews.
(inc. VAT £13.74)
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Discover the right 12mm glue sticks for you

Whether you're gluing metal or plastic, we have the right Glue Sticks for you. Our selection of 12mm Glue Sticks deliver long-lasting durability and adhesion, no matter what materials you're working with. Our team of experts know what makes a good glue stick. That's why all of our 12mm Glue Sticks are made by Power Adhesives – Tecbond a brand you can trust and Manufactured in the UK. Give our Glue Selector a try and find the right glue for you.

Why choose Glue Guns Direct?

We've been a leading supplier of Glue Guns since 1979. When it comes to Glue Guns, we know the industry inside out. So when you shop with us, you can expect nothing less than exceptional products and five-star service. UK-made and sustainably-packaged, our products are all available for immediate dispatch. If you order your 12mm Glue Sticks today, you could receive them as soon as Next working day. Not sure which Glue Stick is right for you? Our expert team are always happy to point you in the right direction.

  • What type of glue can be used on wood?

  • Lots of our 12mm Glue Sticks can be used to glue wood. Tecbond 213 is a Long Open Time General-Purpose glue that can be used with wood and other substrates. Simply use our 'Application' filter tools on the left to find the right glue for the substrates you're working with.

  • How can I find the right Glue Stick?

  • The Glue Sticks you buy should match the size of your Glue Gun. If your Glue Gun is 12mm in size (or 7/16"), you should only buy 12mm Glue Sticks. Once you've found the right size, you can use our handy Glue Selector to find a glue that binds the substrates you're working with. From foam to fibreglass, we stock Tecbond Glue Sticks that bind almost every common material.

  • What can 12mm Glue Sticks be used for?

  • Tecbond 12mm Glue Sticks are ideal for smaller applications where a high output isn't required. With over 30 different Tecbond Grades, from Clear General Purpose, Packaging and High Performance Flexible Glue Sticks, sure we will have the ideal Tecbond 12mm Glue Sticks for your requirements.

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