Glue Gun Accessories

6 or 12 Metre Extension Cordset for Tec Spray-Tec Tools
For use with TEC 6100 EX | 7100 EX | 6300 EX | 7300 EX |  ..
(inc. VAT £139.82)
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Gard EV60 external cleaner immediately penetrates and dissolves hot melt glue leaving machinery and ..
5.0/5.0 Based on 1 reviews.
(inc. VAT £23.12)
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Metal Stand for Tec 305 / 805 / 810 / 820 Glue Guns
Alternative stand for TEC 305 / 805 / 810 / 820 Glue Gun Range. Allows removal of integral s..
5.0/5.0 Based on 7 reviews.
(inc. VAT £14.66)
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Flush trimming of glue lines and wood
The Mouseplane takes away the need for heavy duty sanding to remove dried glue or to level wood surf..
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(inc. VAT £15.18)
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Heavy Duty Metal Stand for Tec 43mm Glue Guns
Allows removal of integral stand to facilitate access requirements. Suitable for the Tec 3150 / Tec ..
(inc. VAT £22.66)
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Magnetic Stand for Tec 806 / Tec 810 / Tec 820 Glue Guns
Alternative magnetic base stand for TEC 806 / Tec 810 / Tec 820 range of glue guns. Allows r..
(inc. VAT £12.35)
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Keep clean and protect your work surface
The TEC MAT silicone rubber drip mat can be used underneath a gun to help keep clean and protect the..
5.0/5.0 Based on 13 reviews.
(inc. VAT £5.02)
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Timer Control Kit For use with the Tec 6100 Glue Gun
Used in conjunction with the Tec 6100 Bench Mount Kit and Tec 4500 Workstation and is idea for dispe..
(inc. VAT £434.15)
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Bench Mount Kit Assembly For use with the Tec 6100 Glue Gun
At a low cost you are able to convert the Tec 6100 pneumatic glue gun into a statically mounted, foo..
(inc. VAT £326.44)
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Powerful Hot Melt Cleaner for glue guns & nozzles
Removes residual, charred adhesive and heavy grease and grime. Powerful and careful cleaning of..
5.0/5.0 Based on 8 reviews.
(inc. VAT £23.12)
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We have a wide variety of accessories to speed up glue application, with Glue Gun Accessories ranging from stands, balances and even drip mats. For nozzles please click here

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