Tec Industrial Glue Guns

Reliable & Powerful Industrial 12mm Glue Gun
The Tec 810-12 is a heavy-duty, industrially-rated 12mm glue gun that has very high glue o..
5.0/5.0 Based on 46 reviews.
12 Month Warranty
(inc. VAT £92.36)
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Reliable & Powerful Industrial 15mm Glue Gun glue gun for use with Tecbond 15mm Glue Sticks
Powerful and reliable Tec 810-15 glue gun designed for use with Tecbond 15mm glue sticks TEC 81..
5.0/5.0 Based on 9 reviews.
12 Month Warranty
(inc. VAT £124.88)
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Adjustable Temperature Industrial 12mm Glue Gun
The Tec 820-12 brings a new level of performance and reliability to the mid-range professional ..
5.0/5.0 Based on 32 reviews.
12 Month Warranty
(inc. VAT £105.78)
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Adjustable temperature glue gun for use with Tecbond 15mm Glue Sticks
Created to suit a range of applications, the Tec 820-15 comes with a built-in temperature control th..
5.0/5.0 Based on 5 reviews.
12 Month Warranty
(inc. VAT £113.14)
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Industrial glue guns for a wide range of applications

We provide a wide selection of high-quality industrial glue guns to suit your needs. No matter whether you require a heavy-duty glue gun for manufacturing, or a 12mm glue gun for your PDR glue sticks, we've got you covered. Over 90% of Tecbond Adhesives and industrial hot glue guns are manufactured in the UK, so you can receive yours as soon as the next working day. Browse the full collection today to find an option that suits your needs.

Why shop with Glue Guns Direct?

You could experience a wide range of benefits by purchasing your industrial glue guns with us. This includes:

  • Fast UK & overseas shipping
  • Over 40 years' worth of experience in the industrial adhesive industry
  • Premium-quality industrial glue guns made with the latest manufacturing technology
  • A 12-month warranty

Our range of heavy-duty glue guns are made with quality and durability in mind. This means that you'll get a long-lasting product, that will withstand the demands of the manufacturing industry.


Industrial Glue Gun FAQs

  • How to clean a glue gun

Regularly cleaning your industrial glue gun will help you to protect its longevity. Fortunately, we have an expert guide on how to clean a hot glue gun to get you started.

  • How much does an industrial glue gun cost?

We aim to provide a selection of affordable, but high-quality industrial options to suit all budgets. We expect pricing to fluctuate over time, please see the listed products above.

  • Which is the best industrial glue gun?

TEC glue guns are amongst some of the best on the market, and you can purchase them right here on the Glue Guns Direct website. We stock industrial TEC glue guns in different voltages and sizes to suit your individual needs.

4.9/5 RATING Based on 1007 customer product reviews