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TEC 820 15mm Glue Gun

TEC 820 15mm Glue Gun

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Adjustable temperature glue gun for use with Tecbond 15mm Glue Sticks

Glue Required: 15mm Glue Sticks

Optional Extras: TEC 305 | 810 | 820 | 830 | 806

UK Warranty: UK 12 months warranty when used with Tecbond glue sticks

Hotmelt Gun: Adjustable 195°C

Lowmelt Gun: Adjustable 130°C


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Created to suit a range of applications, the Tec 820-15 comes with a built-in temperature control that can be easily adjusted to accommodate a range of glue formulations, from low melt options to high temperature polyamides.

Tec 820-15 uses Tecbond 15mm diameter glue sticks offering a range of advantages over a 12mm alternative, including achieving an increased output of 30% more molten glue per trigger pull, and holding up to 60% more glue.

– Highly efficient melt chamber gives a fast heat-up time of only 2-3 minutes.

– High glue output of up to 2.5 kilos per hour dependent on formulation.

– Thin profile gun body with extended nozzle tip to improve visibility, allowing accurate glue placement.

– Adjustable full-hand lever trigger and soft-feel grip for optimum comfort.

– Detachable base stand incorporating a nozzle wrench and storing the thermostat adjustment tool.

– Illuminated on/off switch.

– Tec 820-15 complies with worldwide industrial and electrical safety standards. 

– Designed to use 15mm Tecbond high performance hot melt glue sticks.

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