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How To Clean a Hot Glue Gun

Keeping your glue gun clean helps to make sure it runs functionally and effectively. Follow our cleaning tips and maintenance advice to keep your glue gun in top condition.

Clean the nozzle regularly

You should clean the nozzle after every use to keep your glue gun in the best condition. To do this, you should remove the nozzle while it’s still hot, wearing protective gloves. Never remove the nozzle once the gun is cold – it can damage the thread. Wipe away any excess glue once the nozzle is removed.

While the glue is cooling after use, expel around half a stick of molten glue. This helps to prevent hardened glue from building up inside the applicator. Again, make sure you wipe away any excess glue from around the nozzle.

Cleaning products

We stock a selection of holt melt cleaners. These can be used to soften hardened or charred glue deposits so they can be wiped clean.

They are suitable for use on glue guns, as well as some other surfaces and materials. Check the individual product description for more information on where and how to use each cleaner.

Melt-O-Clean, for example, can remove charred glue residue, as well as heavy grease and grime. It’s easy and safe to use when used correctly, and is environmentally friendly.

General cleaning and maintenance

  • Clean any hardened glue from the gun’s casing as soon as possible – hot melt cleaners can be used for this.
  • Never tilt a glue gun nozzle upwards. Not only is this a necessary safety precaution, but it can also prevent molten glue dripping onto the gun casing.
  • Run at the recommended operating temperature, and switch the gun off when it’s not in use. Again this is a safety precaution, as overheating could cause toxic fumes. But it can also prevent the build-up of charred glue residue.
  • Use a drip mat to protect work surfaces.

Want to know more about glue gun cleaning or maintenance? Watch the video below, or get in touch with the team for more advice and information.

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Some FAQs:

Q: What’s the best method to clean my glue gun’s nozzle?

A: Regularly clean the nozzle post-use to ensure it functions well. Safely remove the nozzle while it’s still warm (wearing protective gloves) to wipe off residual glue. Avoid detaching the nozzle when it’s cold to prevent thread damage.

Q: Can I use any specific products to clean hardened or burnt glue?

A: Glue Guns Direct offers various hot melt cleaners ideal for clearing hardened or burnt glue. These cleaners are also applicable to different surfaces and materials. Follow the product instructions for effective use. For instance, Melt-O-Clean is excellent for removing burnt glue and heavy grease.

Q: Do you have any general maintenance tips for glue guns?

A: Keep your glue gun in top condition by promptly cleaning any hardened glue on the casing, avoiding tilting the nozzle upwards, operating at the recommended temperature, and switching off when not in use to prevent overheating. Using a drip mat is also beneficial for protecting surfaces.

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