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Tec glue gun for industry and manufacturing

Tec glue guns are designed to apply our wide range of Tecbond hot melt adhesives, easily, quickly and reliably.

Tec glue guns are low-cost capital items, highly portable and designed to be totally reliable in tough industrial environments. Tec glue guns can apply hot melt adhesive in bead, dot and even spray patterns, depending on the model selected. The wattage of the tool normally determines the melt rate. Tool selection should be based on the amount of adhesive required per assembly, as well as the number of assemblies needed to be produced per hour.

In general the larger tools are more powerful and are capable of providing greater volumes of hot melt adhesive at the correct temperature for optimum bonding.

Designed to apply Tecbond shaped hot melt adhesives easily, quickly and reliably. Tec glue guns are built to withstand tough industrial environments ranging from light industrial 12mm bead guns to 43mm pneumatic spray guns, each tool is designed to deliver high performance and continuous use. Battery glue guns are the future! Say goodbye to mains power – Battery is powering 2023

Tec 810-12, Tec810-15, Tec 820-12 Adjustable temperature, Tec 820-15 Adjustable temperature, Tec 3150 , Tec 3400, Tec 6100 Pneumatic , Tec 6300 Spray, Tec 7100 Speed loader,  Tec 7300 Speed loader are all made in Basildon, UK to the highest standards. Buy British and support British manufacturing. 12 month warranty – New for Old service – Repair service – Stayed glued with a Tec glue gun

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