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What’s the difference between Glue Backup and Melt Back ?

If you want your Tec glue gun to perform you must give it a little TLC. It’s not a hammer so please don’t knock nails in with it ! Yes, it’s happened…………

Look after your Tec glue gun and keep on gluing….

Glue Backup – Occurs when an operator attempts to extrude adhesive from a glue gun before it has reached the correct molten temperature. The adhesive which has cooled in the nozzle has not reached molten temperature. Consequently adhesive is forced back along the barrel through the gap between the adhesive and the barrel wall by trigger pressure. Can cause serious burns! Always use Tecbond glue sticks / slugs in your Tec glue gun. Other issues which may occur, trigger failure/breaking due to excess force or the inlet tube (inside the tool) splitting causing the tool to short or go bang.

Inlet tube (inside the tool) splitting causing the glue to short the tool (go bang).

Melt-Back – Occurs when glue has been over-softened and is forced back along the barrel of the applicator by trigger pressure. If your glue gun is left on for more than 30 minutes without being used either turn the tool off or dispense a small amount of adhesive, this will help prevent melt-back. Melt-back can cause serious burns! Other issues can be the charring of the glue in the nozzle causing the nozzle to block or the tool to drip constantly

Showing the effect of Glue Backup

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Rule No.1 Never pull a part melted glue stick out of the back of the tool – just never !

Rule No 2 Never lay a Tec glue gun on its side, always use the stand. Molten glue will always try and find an orifice other than the nozzle to leak into if the tool is left on its side.

Rule No 3 If your Tec glue gun is not being used for periods of 30 minutes or more, either turn it off or dispense a small amount of glue – why? Tec glue guns are fitted with a pre-set heater that is constantly melting the glue, if the tool is left on unused for long periods the glue eventually needs to do something, it will either char and block the nozzle or worse still melt back could occur were the adhesive travels back up the tool and out of the breach – risk of burns ! Tec glue guns can be used all day, just don’t leave it on unused.

Rule No 4 Always allow the Tec glue gun to reach operating temperature before squeezing the trigger, resist pulling the trigger if the tool hasn’t reach temperature, you may snap the trigger.

Rule No 5 Always use a Tecbond glue sticks in a Tec glue gun. Tecbond glue sticks are engineered to fit Tec glue guns and to expand and seal the breach correct.

There are more points, but if the golden 5 are applied to you won’t go far wrong, for more info watch our video or talk to our glue experts 0161 627 1001

Always use Tecbond glue sticks in your Tec glue gun.

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