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TEC 830 12mm Glue Gun

TEC 830 12mm Glue Gun

Adjustable Temperature Industrial 12mm Glue Gun

Glue Required: 12mm Glue Sticks

Optional Extras: TEC 305 | 810 | 820 | 830 | 806

Brand: TEC

Type / Model: 12mm, Adjustable Temperature

Temp Adjustment: Plug-In modules ensure a more accurate delivery of specific temperatures


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Description – The tec 830-12 is a robust 12mm hot melt glue gun able to tackle a range of industrial and construction applications. Featuring the most up-to-date heating system, The tool comes with a selection of temperature modules to accurately adjust output temperature, allowing use with the range of both hot and low melt Tecbond adhesives.

The Tec 830 has temperature adjustability which makes it the go-to applicator for operators who need both versatility and accuracy.

Widely used across a number of industries including packaging, woodworking, product assembly, construction and general repairs, the tec 830-12 takes bonding with 12mm hot melt adhesives to a new level.

The internal thermostat can be adjusted to specific temperatures between 130°C and 215°C with the provided temperature modules. As well as allowing the use of both low and hot melt adhesive grades, This can change the properties of certain grades to match the application purpose.

With a melt rate exceeding 2.5kg per hour the tec 830-12 is the only applicator at its price point which maximises output with an adjustable temperature. Its low weight of just 900g helps to reduce operator fatigue over long periods of use.

Featuring an adjustable full hand trigger for maximum comfort, a pair of removable stands to suit user needs, and a 3m power cable that allows freedom of movement, the tec 830-12 is the pinnacle of 12mm hot melt adhesive applicators.

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Type / Model

12mm, Adjustable Temperature

Temp Adjustment

Plug-In modules ensure a more accurate delivery of specific temperatures



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