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TEC 3150 43mm Heavy Duty Glue Gun

TEC 3150 43mm Heavy Duty Glue Gun

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Efficient, low cost 43mm glue gun

Glue Required: 43mm Glue Slugs

Optional Extras: TEC 3150 & TEC 3400

UK Warranty: UK 12 months warranty when used with Tecbond glue sticks

Hotmelt Gun: 195°C

Lowmelt Gun: 130°C


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The TEC 3150 High Output Applicator is a robust all electric industrial glue gun. It is the ideal production tool for product assembly, packaging, sealing, electrical potting and encapsulation.

Hot melt adhesives provide instant bonding of virtually any material for fast, efficient, cost effective production.

Gluegunsdirect.com says “the highly efficient heater housing is heated by a 300watt thermostatically controlled heater, guaranteeing adhesive at the right temperature just when you need it.”

Please note: This tool must be turned off if not being used for 30 minutes or more. Only use specified Tecbond 43mm glue slugs / cartridges within the Tec 43mm glue gun range 

Why you should only use Tecbond 43mm slugs in Tec 43mm glue guns

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