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Tecbond 7785 Polyamide Hotmelt Adhesive

Problem solving adhesive for product assembly

Tecbond 7785 is a tough flexible polyamide based hot melt adhesive that exhibits a very high molten tack and excellent adhesion to many difficult to bond substrates. A true problem-solving adhesive for the electronics and product assembly industries. Tecbond 7785 one of several polyamide adhesives from the Tecbond stable offers excellent chemical and heat resistance to 135c.

Tecbond 7785 is suitable for many product assembly applications, including air and fuel filter manufacturing, where good chemical resistance together with high and low heat resistance is required.

Available in 12mm sticks suitable for the Tec 810-12 and 15mm sticks suitable for the Tec 810-15 glue guns.

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Tecbond 7785 polyamide adhesive

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