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Glue Gun Maintenance

While we often focus on the uses of glue guns, we thought it was important to talk about how to keep your glue guns running efficiently. Maintenance might seem like it’s a lot of work, but our guide should show…

Gluegunsdirect FAQ

Here at Glue Guns Direct, we are often asked a number of questions related to glue guns, glue sticks, glue dots and bulk adhesives and their uses, so we have decided to create a Frequently Asked Questions page (FAQ) ….

Bonding a sachet to a pouch

Challenge – Customer has a process where they would like to apply a yeast sachet to the base of a stand up pouch.
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How can I bond Polypropylene to ridged PVC?

Challenge: A customer challenged us to bond a Polypropylene (PP) vent to a piece of ridged PVC used in the building trade. Polypropylene is not the easiest of materials to bond, but this was made even harder because the ridged…

Can I bond fire retardant fibreglass to PVC?

A customer was having problems bonding PVC material with a piece of fire retardant fibreglass. We ran some tests in the Glue Lab and found a solution. Continue reading

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