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Bonding a sachet to a pouch

Challenge – Customer has a process where they would like to apply a yeast sachet to the base of a stand up pouch.

The materials to bond:

Pouch: PET/AL/LLDPE, Polyester / Foil / Linear Low Density Polyethylene

Sachet: Polyester / Foil / Polyethylene. Polyester is the contact face.

Standard hot melt adhesives failed on these components.

The Solution:

Tecbond 4741 full pressure sensitive hot melt adhesive. Best results where achieved by applying a 5mm dia dot of adhesive, this held the sachet firmly, yet allowed the end user to remove it. Another advantage of Tecbond 4741 being a permanent pressure sensitive adhesive is allowing the sachet to be re-fixed should it come de-attached in transit.

Tecbond 4741 is applied via the Tec 1050 glue gun.

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