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Artwork proves that Tecbond is more than just an adhesive

Tecbond 232 hot melt adhesive to the rescue with local artist Clare Knox-Bentham

A local Manchester-based designer / artist, Clare Knox-Bentham, has been selected by the Crafts Council of England to do a piece to advertise the Collect Exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London running from 1st to 18th May 2010.

Clare recently graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University and is renowned for creating large-scale illustrative pieces of work using thermoplastic EVA adhesives. She is currently using Tecbond 232 hot melt adhesive to create art, which is then lacquered to preserve it. Her art ranges right from large-scale wall pieces down to items of jewellery. She describes the inspiration behind her work as being to subvert the use of ordinary, everyday materials to make unusual, curious objects that you can wear, use or just look at.


Her piece for the Collect Trail to advertise the Collect Exhibition will be a huge window installation in Duke of York Square, right opposite the Saatchi Gallery, and is being part-sponsored by Kenyon Group, who have provided Clare with an air-compressed gun and slugs, which has increased her productivity dramatically.


In this recent example of one of her creations, you can see the sheer scale of the work and comprehend the amount of work that has gone into creating this piece. This is why she is particularly grateful to Kenyon Group, who with the loan of the air-compressed gun and slugs, have reduced a full days work into an hour and a half! The other example here shows that the more you look at the piece the more you see. You move on from the faces to be able to pick out a random mix of fish bones, skulls and flower heads.

Clare really has shown that Tecbond is more than just an adhesive!

See the rest of Clare’s creations


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