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Tecbond world leading shaped hot melt adhesives

12mm / 15mm / 43mm / CT Cartridges / Coloured & Glitter Glue Sticks

Tecbond are the world leaders and the UK’s only manufacturer of shaped hot melt adhesives and glue guns providing the largest range of high quality, competitively priced shaped hot melt adhesives for use in the range of Tec glue guns.

Tecbond glue sticks are available in EVA – Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, PA – Polyamide, SPS – Semi Pressure Sensitive, PU – Polyurethane, PO – Polyolefin and our latest addition to the Tecbond stable Tecbond 248 which is Acrylic based covering off many possible bonding solutions.

Choosing a Tecbond hot melt adhesives

With over 50 formulations to choose from, there is almost certainly a Tecbond adhesive solution for your application. However, it is important to consider certain factors when making your choice:

1) What are the materials being bonded? What is the actual material the adhesive is bonding to? Is it painted, varnished, wax coated etc? If plastic, does it contain plasticisers and, if so, what type?
2) Temperature resistances? What is the maximum and minimum temperature the bond will need to withstand in use and in transit?
3) Chemical resistance? Does the bond require resistance to oil, washing, sunlight, sterilisation?
4) What viscosity is needed? Does the adhesive need to be high in viscosity to fill a gap or low in viscosity to minimise bond thickness?
5) Open time? How much working time is needed before parts are assembled? The open time of a hot melt can be as fast as 2-3 seconds or up to 6 minutes.

Have a look at our Tecbond Glue Selector or Frequently Asked Questions FAQ


Tecbond hot melt principles:

Tecbond hot melts are thermoplastic polymer based materials that are 100% solid, they contain no water or solvent and are simply melted by heat so they can be applied as a liquid.

Tecbond hot melt adhesive is applied in molten form to one surface. Once the parts being bonded are pressed together the heat in the adhesive is quickly dissipated into these parts and the adhesive solidifies forming an almost instant bond.

Most materials can be bonded with Tecbond hot melt adhesives providing the parts can be assembled while the adhesive is still molten

The above gives you an idea to the versatility of Tecbond hot melt adhesives, If you have an adhesive problem, new application or looking for a competitive supplier, gluegunsdirect.com have the answer. Challenge us, we can bond anything!


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