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Bonding Polystyrene (EPS) ?

Polystyrene PS foam or expanded polystyrene as its more often referred to, is commonly used product within the protective packaging industry to protect products from damage during transit. Polystyrene is also used in many other markets from construction for insulation, Insulation concrete formwork, polystyrene concrete products, lightweight insulation concrete panels, bonding moulded blocks, Pre-Cast Concrete markets to name a few. Applications for the use of polystyrene is unlimited and the use of Tecbond hot melt adhesives are playing an important part in bonding of polystyrene for challenging applications.

Are you still using solvent based adhesive, Aerosols to bond polystyrene ?

Coming under pressure to find a safer, environmentally friendly alternative?

Look no further, Tecbond adhesives have the answer!

Tecbond glue sticks are rapidly becoming an environmentally friendly alternative to many traditional methods of fastening. Tecbond adhesives are 100% solid, non-toxic adhesives containing no solvents or water, and provide instant, permanent bonding on a vast range of materials without the use of harmful solvents. Tecbond adhesives can be applied either in a bead or by spray to cover larger areas or when bonding heat sensitive materials like polystyrene.

  • Non-toxic
  • No harmful solvents
  • No special waste disposal
  • No extraction required
  • No special storage

Covering large areas: Tecbond Spray-Tec adhesive range have the solutions to spraying large areas: Tecbond 420 (3 minute open time) and Tecbond 430 (6 minute open time) are grades of hot melt adhesive specially developed for spraying heat sensitive materials like polystyrene and with the extended open times offering the user the ability to cover large areas quickly. Tecbond Spray-Tec adhesives are applied via a Tec spray glue gun, Tec 6300 or Tec 7300 with a range of optional nozzles for a fine, medium or wide spray patterns.

For finer applications, Tecbond offer the LM44 which is a low melt adhesive applied in a bead form from a Tec glue gun. Available in 12mm and 43mm diameter sticks, recommended glue guns: Tec305, Tec 806 / Tec 810 / Tec 820 / Tec 3150 / Tec 3400 / Tec 6100 / Tec 7100 depending on volume of adhesive required.

To arrange a demonstration of the Tecbond Spray-Tec Adhesives, please call 0161 627 1001

Tecbond range of hot melt adhesives will bond as vast array of materials including: Aluminium, Nylon, ABS, PVC, Polypropylene, Steel, Glass, Polystyrene, Wood Veneer, Melamine, Ceramics, Polyethylene, Foams various, Vacuum Foamed Mouldings, Upholstery Foams, Packaging Foams, Acrylic, GRP, Polycarbonate, Rigid PVC, Fabrics, Geo-Fabric, LDPE, HDPE, Stainless Steel and many more challenging and difficult to bond materials.

Our customers also asked…

Q: Are Tecbond hot melt adhesives suitable for bonding all types of polystyrene, including EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)?

A: Tecbond hot melt adhesives are not suitable for bonding all types of polystyrene. Specifically, when it comes to EPS (Expanded Polystyrene), many hot melt adhesives, including some Tecbond formulations, can degrade or melt the material. It’s essential to choose an adhesive specifically formulated for EPS

Q: What are the essential factors to consider when choosing the right Tecbond hot melt adhesive for my polystyrene bonding project?

A: When selecting a Tecbond hot melt adhesive for polystyrene bonding, it’s crucial to consider material compatibility, application temperature, bond strength, and environmental factors. Always consult the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure the adhesive meets the specific requirements of your project.


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