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Hot melt adhesives for Flight Cases & Protective Cases

Are you manufacturing Flight cases, Mixer Cases, Road Trunks, DJ Cases, Plasma Flight Cases, Camera Flight Cases, Gun Cases, Museum Cases & Protective Cases in general with foam or polystyrene inserts for protection that require bonding to the panel?

If so, this is a job for Tecbond Spray-Tec range of adhesives: Tecbond 420, Tecbond 425 and Tecbond 430 which offer a range of abilities for bonding heat sensitive materials like expanded polystyrene and foams common used in the construction of protective cases. Tecbond Spray-Tec adhesives offer a range of open times from 3 minutes to 6 minutes and for when spraying is not possible, all the Tecbond Spray-Tec grades can be beaded.


Tecbond Spray-Tec adhesives offer a flexible glue line and being a hot melt adhesive, they need no extraction equipment, contains no solvents, and unlike water based adhesives, they form an immediate dry bond enabling the cases to be processed, boxed and dispatched to the customer.

Tecbond Spray-Tec adhesive are applied via the Tec range pneumatic spray hot melt applicators. Or by Tec 43mm glue gun range if a bead pattern is required rather than a spray pattern.

The Tec 6300 range powered by a 500 watt heater can spray an area of about one square metre at a time while the Tec 7300 range powered by an extremely powerful twin 500 watt heaters can cover up to two square metres with one glue slug ! The Tec 7300 range has a built in speed loader which holds an extra two adhesive slugs in reserve. This allow the gun to continue to spray uninterrupted whilst the next glue slug is loaded. The EX models have the option of extended cord sets of either 6m or 12m for applications for where you have to take the glue gun to the job in hand.

All Tec spray glue guns have optional spray nozzles, Narrow, Medium and Wide Spray covering off delicate to heavy duty applications.

Manufacturing Protective Cases – think Tecbond Spray-Tec Adhesives

If you would like to see a demonstration of the Tecbond Spray-Tec range please call: 0161 627 1001 or e-mail:

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