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New Quikdot Pro for Permanent resealing of pop open cartons

New and exciting handy applicator for dispensing a permanent adhesive glue pattern to cartons, boxes, trays whereby the original method of sealing has failing causing the product to pop open. Quikdot Pro is a quick and easy solution to resealing the problem of pop opens without the need of rejecting or returning the products to the manufacturers. Clean and simple to use for a permanent sealing solution. Quikdot Pro refills offer an adhesive pattern of glue dots which is available in two adhesive formulations; QDP 7100 for flush sealing of lightweight boards and QDP 8100 for resealing heavier boards with a high “springy” memory.


The QuikDot Pro is a pressure sensitive adhesive applicator designed to seamlessly seal corrugated food and beverage packaging. Approved for use by major beverage companies, the QuikDot Pro is a convenient alternative to cumbersome tape pads and hot melt glue guns. Designed for time savings and ease of use, the QuikDot Pro refillable design fits easily into the palm of the hand.


The QuikDot Pro is a durable, compact glue dots dispenser engineered to instantly apply the right amount of adhesives, every time. The refillable, pocket-size design offers a new level of flexibility and convenience, while the high impact polycarbonate body stands up to rugged everyday use.


Engineered specifically for food and beverage packaging repair and resealing, the QDP-7100 & QDP-8100 adhesive patterns deliver an instant, permanent bond. The adhesive shape and pattern spacing are engineered to provide optimal coverage while eliminating waste. The invisible bond protects brand integrity with a dependable seal that is virtually invisible to consumers.


When food and beverage packs are broken, returns can be costly and time-consuming. QuikDot Pro is a new cost-saving, on-the-go alternative to traditional tape pads and high temperature glue guns.


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