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New updates to our Service & Advice Section are committed to supplying high quality hot melt adhesives, glue dots and glue gun applicators to meet the ever changing and challenging materials used in today’s manufacturing processes with the emphasis on environmentally friendly adhesives. Delivering total solutions for any and every application problem. Solutions which include the supply of both the adhesive and the application equipment. Solutions which place great emphasis on being environmentally responsible and solutions based on the innovation you need to remain competitive.


Challenge us, we can bond anything! are more than glue gun, glue stick, glue dot online shop. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the adhesive industry, especially hot melt adhesives, glue dots and glue gun applicators. Our Service & Advice Section is dedicated to adhesive knowledge and guidance. Keep your eyes glued to this section as we will be adding more facts and figures from the adhesive world.


Recent updates to the Service & Adhesive Section, more than light bedtime reading…………….

History of Adhesives

There is evidence of an adhesive being used dating as far back as 4,000 B.C. In studies of prehistoric tribe burial sites sticky resins from tree sap were found to have been used to repair pottery vessels. Statues from Babylonian temples have also revealed the use of a tar-like glue to stick ivory eyeballs into eye sockets. Whilst this was a primitive form of glue, it stuck for the best part of 6,000 years……………..Click here to continue reading


Glossary of Adhesive Terms

A-Z comprehensive list of glue terms used within the adhesive industry, with an brief description, e.g ABS – Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Resin. A high impact resistant plastic, good low and high temperature resistance, bonds well with many adhesive types.

Click here for the full A-Z of glue terms are a local and global supplier of adhesives, offering a wide range of products such as glue sticks, glue guns, and low & hot melt adhesives. We are the original online provider of glue guns and glue gun sticks.


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