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Glue Gun Craft Projects

Although glue guns have lots of practical applications, artists often use them in their craft projects. As glue guns eliminate the need for fiddly needlework, they’re fast becoming popular in the craft community

We’ve gathered the best of the web’s glue gun craft projects to give you a little insight into the wealth of craft projects you can embark on with your glue gun!


Studded Ring

This studded ring, by Anna H is a great little project, even for crafting beginners or those of us who don’t have a naturally artistic bent. She fixed small studs onto a ring with a hot glue gun – and that’s it! Using the same steps, studs or beads could be added to headbands, necklaces, bracelets or shoes. It’s a really easy project but shows just how versatile working with glue guns can be.


Scrabble Coasters

Yusra made these quirky Scrabble coasters with a few wooden Scrabble pieces and some cork tiles. Again, this is an example of the versatility of glue guns – you can use them on fabrics, wood, plastic, metal…the list is endless. The best thing about this project, aside from its cute individuality, is how inexpensive it is – all you need is some cork and a spare bag of Scrabble tiles!


Fabric Rosettes

Although we would always advise parental guidance when using hot glue, there are plenty of glue gun projects for kids as well as adults. Fabric rosettes are easy to make and make a great addition to a child’s bedroom. But, as we mentioned, be careful not to let a child near a hot glue gun on their own.


Gingerbread House Christmas Card

This gingerbread house Christmas card, made by Claudine Casault at Kaboose, is really a seasonal project, but it’s so beautiful that we thought we’d include it in our list anyway. Claudine’s instructions include loose glitter for the gingerbread “icing”, but a glitter glue stick would not only make this more precise but also remove an unnecessary step in the card-making process. This would make a wonderful personalised gift for someone – it’s a shame it’s not Christmas sooner!


No-Sew Bow Ties

These little no-sew bow ties are adorable – rather than being a piece of clothing, they’re actually cake decorations. Again, this is a really simple project – all you need is some fabric, toothpicks and some scissors. They make a great addition to a dessert, but could also be used as a necklace or even on a pet’s collar.


As you can see from the examples in this post, there are loads of fun and crafty things you can do with hot glue. In our next post we’ll be looking at a professional artist who makes beautiful and intricate sculptures, including chandeliers, using only a glue gun.

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