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Glue Gun Art by Esma Pacal Turam

Our last post showed how you can use your glue gun for arts and crafts with a variety of different projects. We’re continuing with our series of “things to do with a glue gun” by showcasing a very different type of creative undertaking – glue gun art. Be warned – these examples may be slightly more difficult to do at home!

Esma Pacal Turan is a Turkish artist “fascinated with the communication between different people”. She uses a number of different mediums to express this; one of these mediums is her professional craft glue gun.

Esma takes inspiration from urban spaces, where people are both at one with the crowd and separate individuals with unique lives and experiences. She created these pieces to reflect that. Each character in the piece has an individual space, but as a whole makes up a larger, less focused pattern. The pattern of the whole is not symmetrical or neat, and this too reflects the importance of individuality in an urban space.

© Esma Pacal Turam
© Esma Pacal Turam

As well as this, Esma has made intricate home decorations. This chandelier, pictured above, is another piece of work by the artist. Turan, speaking about her use of glue guns, says:

“A glue gun works almost like a pencil for me. The outcome is transparent, flexible. It shimmers like crystal or glass, it is light in weight and it is a direct material. Most importantly, for me, is that I can draw directly with a gun”.

She describes her love of lace and glass, the appearance of ‘floating’ materials; this chandelier is a great example of this. The long garlands of beads perfectly emulate crystal and add elegance and authenticity to the piece.

We think this glue gun art is absolutely beautiful; it’s intricate and totally individual. If you want to know more about Esma, her website is here.

Some popular customer FAQs: 

Q: What are the artistic applications of glue guns?
A: Glue guns are not just for bonding materials; they are also a powerful tool in art. Artists can create sculptures, decorations, and even intricate designs like lace patterns, demonstrating the versatility of glue guns in creative projects.

Q: How can glue be used creatively beyond simple adhesion?
A: Beyond its traditional use for sticking objects together, glue can be manipulated to form artistic textures and shapes. It can mimic materials like crystal or lace, offering a unique medium for artists to explore.

Q: What kind of effects can be achieved with glue in art?
A: Artistic effects achievable with glue include translucency, flexibility, and the ability to form delicate, floating designs. These properties allow for the creation of pieces that challenge the conventional perceptions of glue as just an adhesive.


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