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Glue Stick with UL V0 Flammability Rating

TECBOND 7786-FR is a polyamide adhesive that has UL94, the Standard for Safety of Flammability of Plastic Materials, V-0 Vertical Burn (best) flammability rating and excellent electrical properties. The standard classification: burning stops within 10 seconds after two applications of ten seconds each of a flame to a test bar of which NO flaming drips are allowed.

Tecbond 7786-FR is a good general purpose adhesive that can be used for product assembly, component stabilisation, wire attachment and potting applications. It will give good adhesion to PVC and other plastics as well as PC board. TECBOND 7786-FR also provides excellent upper and lower heat resistance.

Heat resistance (BS5350 Part H3) 135˚c

Open time Medium

Low temperature flexibility (tg) -10˚C

Tecbond 7786-FR is the only grade within the Tecbond range offering the UL VO flammability rating!


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