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Bonding Correx – Corrugated Plastic Sheet

Tecbond instant bonding hot melt adhesives are ideal for gluing Corrugated Plastic Sheet

Also known as polypropylene fluted board. Commonly referred to by the brand name – Correx

Correx image

This fluted plastic is used in many industries such as Automotive, Construction, Display and Point of Sale, Rail, Pharmaceutical Packaging and is also used extensively in the returnable food plastic packaging industry. Tecbond adhesives offer a problem solving gluing solution from a hand held glue gun.

Tecbond 261      Very flexible, high performance and versatile hot melt adhesive.

Tecbond 267      High performance adhesive formulated for Polyolefin plastics such as polypropylene and polyethylene. This adhesive has good high heat resistance and low temperature resistance

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