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Create instant webs, patterns and designs

Spray or bead Tecbond hot melt adhesives into a bowl of cold water to create instant webs, patterns and other designs.


To create the patterns we used the Tec 7300 spray tool and Tecbond 232-43 hot melt adhesive, tub of cold water (can be almost any size) and away we go. We sprayed the adhesive, but you can also bead the adhesive into the cold water.


When spraying you can adjust the air pressure to control the flow of adhesive or even change the nozzle from the standard medium pattern (which we used) to either the narrow or wide nozzles.

Be creative with Tecbond hot melt adhesives

You can create all kinds of webs and patterns. As soon as the adhesive hits the water it immediately cools with no tack. This allows the adhesive to be removed quickly from the water and used in your work.


Patterns can be coloured using a lacquer which will also improve the UV stability of the adhesive.

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